Architecture + Engineering

Architecture is, a comprehensive solution of other related disciplines which blend all the objectives, mission, vision and program within the strategy to achieve the goal a Esthetic element will come automatically from the hearth of the design process in the from of visual design as the performance aspect.

experiencing from the past (period : 1975 ~ 1995) where the founder, has involve several commercial buildings starting from : hundred's SQM of shopping center and office tower of 28 storey's  " GAJAH MADA PLAZA" at Jl. Gajah Mada Jakarta ; and tall storey office building in Jl. Sudirman (WISMA HARAPAN) 17 storey's, and a 28 storey's office building. WISMA DHARMALA SAKTI at the main artery road of, Jl. Sudirman in Jakarta and Surabaya as well.

we appreciate engineering such as structural and sub structure design and the other utilities and environment engineering, because they contribute greatly to the building and an innovative and well plan engineering will empowering the design totally.

those aspects of best solution Engineering and great mission of tropical and vernacular architecture was expressed at  WISMA DHARMALA project where for years has been in published media Domestic and Internationally. an appreciation from MOMA New York, by exhibiting the project as an appreciation and it does show as well at the prominent Architectural magazine an New York.
at the end the project has to be "commercially sound" by looking backward to how this will be manage by considering the financial exercise and the marketing as well.

at the recent period (after 1995) after experiencing the other side of building, such as very large development at "PANTAI TIMUR SURABAYA" (EAST COAST SURABAYA) and another huge development of Industrial city of 7500 ha's at BUKIT INDAH CITY, a new vision appeared and in correlation with "PRODUCTIVITY" where the essence of living society are, they have to work and produce something to maintain the existence, and then how the architecture and engineering respond on it. the Engineering solution was very dominantly shows at this land of development, these phenomenon was appeared during designing of a huge Flour Mill in Semarang harbour, and expressed as well at "Volvo" office and workshop in Balikpapan, a intelligent engineering solution is the key of success.

Master Plan

The Founder has experience at period before 1995, by involving at several "large development" such as "PANTAI TIMUR SURABAYA" (1989 ~ 1992) called EAST COAST SURABAYA, a 3190 Ha's land development for a Mix - Used Development.

a multiple consideration of land-economic-marketing-engineering-management and regulation elements in; a wide spectrum aspect and a local wisdom with hundreds of problem has to be solve, sometime in a "win-win solution". the project shows its complicateness and great argument from the society came as a consideration because it will change the total "way of life" of some part of the society.

in other aspect when experiencing at the Industrial sector for SALIM group (most famous company in ASIA) where it has hundreds of  Industry under Multi Industry division and other kind of Industrial division, such as chemical, automotive, food, etc.
with those reference and emerging Industrial climate at 2008 by having "Investment Grade" label.
GCA with the experience has the opportunity to prepare several location for Industrial Master Plan
such as:
PAKUWON JATI Industrial Estate, a 500 ha's Industrial Development and several Master Plan of Residential a combination of landed, Villa and medium rise development in Northern Bandung a 150 ha's development.
a Mix-Used development of 1,5 mill sqM build up area on top of 40 ha's development at Gandaria Music City development, an high rise towers, was prepare and has been approved by Governor, its intention was a combination between commercial and Residential with music as main topic, represented by music hall at site.


We built several interior projects, mostly BOUTIQUES  at high end Malls. the clients provide guide line from the prestigious branded fashion producen, such as Roberto Cavali ; Versace ; Ermenegildo Zegna etc. we translate the plan into reality,  mostly at the prominent gallery in the city, the brand - Image has to be there, some materials was very luxurious and rare in this region.

beside that we design interior for laboratory at biotechnical school, medical university and laboratories either for school on private sector which involve Food Processing an Dutch and Australian clients has asked to do their Interior for their offices in Jakarta located as Kemang area a convenient place to work.
and the other interesting is doing interior for the multipurpose hall where acoustic is important, we did with very intelligent material Finishing selection and work very well with very minim expensive cost, this was done for a catholic university.

The Industry

our role in industry mostly to cater their building and infrastructure, which related to process and logistic sector. fulfillment of the utilities with superb design is a very important and crucial matter on process. no failure can be consider. on involvement at SRIBOGA Flour Mill is one of the "state of art" solution, due to solve the contradictory of the requirement to accommodate the very happy load on top of the very soft soil profile is a crucial decision.
the other thing is the heavy load and dynamic forces at surface has influence the soil heavily and need proper solution. the coastline has to be retain from sliding and the wharf has to be maintain in order the huge ship can dock properly any small settlement will be seriously dangerous.

the logistic is one of the crucial and serious matter to be consider in Industrial sector, we have experience to provide the "dry-port" due to no access to water front. railway is one of the solution where traditionally is the cheapest logistic cost to carry cargo to the wet port.
the environment aspect currently has a serious matter to be consider, due to learning from other countries which effect the sky with heavy dust, where at the end will have a serious-health problem.

same as waste water which create problem if doesn't take care properly. the Energy and water supply sector is most crucial at Industry; a reliable and cheap energy supply will help industry to complete in the market. labour also a prominent component and a competitive element to be take care seriously in this region. knowing the balance of Industrial Economic revival and the capacity of Industry in this region, than we can look Forward to great opportunity on having better prosperity.