GCA.why with Aldo Sollazzo

GCA.why with Aldo Sollazzo

Last month we had the pleasure of talking with Aldo Sollazzo, entrepreneur and innovator, expert in robotics, computer vision, and computational design. He is the CEO of Noumena, a data-driven company implementing computer vision and machine learning to study and analyse spatial dynamics.

On this occasion Noumena CEO Aldo Sollazzo talked about data, digitization of the built environment and new materials to develop more sustainable, efficient and resistant design solutions.

With Aldo, we talked about why technology and human creativity have the duty to contribute to stop the climate crisis we are currently experiencing. And in this way, promote and accelerate the “Road to Zero Emissions”.

For Noumena, sustainable industrial development is transmitted through materials and the possibility of programming matter and including in its behavior a new sense of ecology on an industrial scale.

The spatial data analysis they propose allows to check and calculate the impact of the solutions applied in the architectural environment by finding clusters, patterns and correlations. Through this new vision using computer vision and machine learning, it is possible to develop more sustainable, efficient and resistant design solutions.

At GCA Architects we drive innovation and technology with the goal of making the world a more sustainable and healthy place. We integrate in a single transversal process different areas of knowledge to move to a carbon neutral economy.

This dialogue was part of “GCA.why“, a collective, idealistic and heterogeneous debate on architecture and design.