When architecture cares for the planet – La Vanguardia

When architecture cares for the planet – La Vanguardia

We want to thank FlashDeco at La Vanguardia for the following article about the importance of minimizing the environmental impact of buildings. ¨In architecture, sustainability is achieved through design, and it is not a passing fashion¨. 

High-level architecture

Founded more than three decades ago by Josep Juanpere and Antonio Puig, GCA has renounced the style based on personalities that usually prevails in architectural studios where the shadow of the founders intercepts the initiatives of new additions. However, GCA Architects has more similarities to an association of professionals, more typical of law firms, with an open vision to the world and towards a more sustainable future. Currently, six partners and four associates are part of a multidisciplinary team of about one hundred people, led by Francisco de Paz, who understands architecture as a tool to create awareness. 

To support the fight against climate change, GCA’s architects, technical architects, interior designers and project managers transform their initiatives and ideas into designs, with the objetive of developing sustainable public spaces and buildings. This becomes evident when the Platinum@BCN building was named with the idea of achieving the LEED Certificate, subsequently receiving the top score for an office building worldwide.

We have made a clear commitment limiting energy demand and CO2 emissions” says Paco de Paz. It is almost a zero energy requirement building, as established by the demanding Passivhaus standard. The principle of this is to take advantage of the natural resources of the environment to generate renewable energy as well as reducing cooling needs. Two fundamental measures for the well being of cities such as Barcelona in particular and the planet in general. In addition, the vegetation present in terraces, roofs and interior patios, acts a key element in this commitment to sustainable architecture that is proving to be high standard.