Lluís Lleó at GCA.why

Lluís Lleó at GCA.why

This month at GCA Architects we had the pleasure of talking with the artist Lluís Lleó about the collaboration between art and architecture.

From the beginning, GCA Architects has been passionate about promoting a humanist architecture, paying attention to cultural and social values in each project.

Through the dialogue of architecture and art, we have evolved a new form of sensitivity and created a constellation of collaborations that nurture projects and deepen the emotional experience.

With the painter and sculptor Lluís we talked about how human beings need the spiritual enrichment that culture provides. Luis shared his ideas that “We create invisible things that did not exist before and then become part of the landscape. Doing it with dignity, criteria, rigour and producing beauty is our overriding obligation.”

The talk was part of “GCA.why”, a collective, visionary and heterogeneous debate on architecture and design.