Located on one of the most major intersections in the city, CaixaBank All in One integrates a new concept of financial activity that seeks a balance between modernity and stability, combining technology with natural elements.

The project is characterized by a special attention to the choice of materials, which creates an environment with chromatic and spatial harmony which enhances the well-being of users, where natural materials achieve a modern space that inspires the future.

The building features natural greenery, pulling the natural experience deep into the spaces. Biophilic elements are present in every floor of the intervention, placed strategically or by implementing natural textures and colours on the surfaces.

To achieve the balance between transparency and privacy that this type of workplace requires, the meeting areas are characterized by translucent glass that allows the users to experience the comforting natural light while enjoying privacy during a meeting. This distortion of the image is enhanced by linear radiant lighting and rounded corners, creating an interesting image where the boundaries are blurred.

On a technical level, lighting and climate solutions have been used to minimize energy consumption. LED screens on the ground floor draw pedestrians into the building, stating the presence of technology and creating a friendly and inviting experience.

Project Sheet
Start – End date2019-2021
Type of workInterior Design
PhotographySandra Guti