Located in Barcelona’s Eixample neighborhood, the apartment is the embodiment of the serene yet dynamic Mediterranean landscape and pace of life, reflecting the local culture, heritage and tradition.

GCA Architects’ design for this 278 m² home is a series of complex spatial conditions which respond to the intricate nature of culture, family, and domesticity. A custom-made design which responds to modern requirements, yet flexible for future demands.

Conscious that design strongly affects the users’ mood and behavior, the home has been conceived as a frame for living. Light, textures and colors generate sensations which nurture the essence of the Mediterranean experience.

Natural light penetrates deeply into the interior through the transparent glazing while the distribution allows cross ventilation in every space, enhancing the natural breeze. The main public spaces in the home – the kitchen, the living and dining room – occupy the entire length of the main façade, making the most of the light. Here, the absence of partition walls highlights these zones as a space for the family and guests to gather in a fluid and natural way.

The bathroom serving the public areas is conceived as a hidden piece of art. The walls and the ceiling are lined with red velvet which reflects in a mirror creating a 360º warm envelope in this intimate space.

The Mediterranean lifestyle is reflected by the detailing and local materials used for construction. The material palette is based on limestone – the Mediterranean façade – complimenting it with natural oak wood floors and accents of black iron. Design furniture and art pieces bring the cultural local touch to this handmade natural space.

An elegant steel and wood staircase, leads to the second floor which is surrounded by terraces with panoramic views. This area, flooded by natural light and far from the hubbub of the city, allows the user to perceive all of Barcelona as “home”.

Project Sheet
Start – End Dates2020-2022
Type of workRefurbishment and Interior Design
MEP EngineerPGI Engineering & Consulting
PhotographyJosé Hevia