The project entails a comprehensive renovation of an office building nestled in the heart of Ensanche. Its objective is to establish a renewed connection with the site’s history by carefully reinterpreting the scale and the composition of solid and void elements.

The intervention aims to forge a strong relationship between the interior and the exterior through expansive panoramic openings, which allow natural light to permeate the indoor spaces and foster a sense of comfort and well-being. The proportions are tailored to optimize solar exposure and maximize the views, thereby enhancing the connection with the surrounding city.

The utilization of prefabricated systems and their repetitive application facilitate straightforward assembly, expedite the installation process, and ensure effortless maintenance.

Project Sheet
Start – End Dates 2023-2024
Client KanAm Grund Group
Certification BREEAM Very Good
Type of work Refurbishment and Architecture of the façade
Structure Consultant Static
Contractor SIC
Project management MVGM España